"Expressionism seeks to make us confront the harsher realities of existence. It calls upon us to acknowledge the raw, emotional core of experience and demands that we confront the inner conflicts that make us human. But expressionist techniques of representation are not dependent on any single set of rules. They are no part of a 'style.' Instead their form is determined primarily by the extent of the artist's refusal to comply with the prevailing moral platitudes of a society." 
Bram Dijkstra, American Expressionism

*Brusselback seems to be a very difficult word to spell. One of the   most interesting mistaken spellings was bufflecake, so we kept it.

I’m sleeping in a bed at a friend’s house and look over the side on the floor and see a spider and think I will just let it be. Then I see two spiders and think maybe as a responsible guest I should squash them. Then I notice hundreds of them and jump out of bed to get a spray bottle and go after them. I go into the  living room and see the front door blowing open and large piles of trash piling into the living room. A person in the living room who I assume is in charge of cleaning the mess is wearing a costume, a large boat around her waist on suspenders and a duck mask. I’m not interested in the humor of the costume in the face of the insect challenges.

                        text from dream painting #12